You Can’t Diminish Our Inherient Nature: A Yogini In NYC

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset Photo Cred: Alana Roach

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
Photo Cred: Alana Roach

“We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light!”


What a trip it has been. I have never been to a big city on my own. I departed from White Marsh, MD yesterday at 9:30am and was slated to arrive in New York City at 12:30pm. I have learned to expect nothing from my travels. In India I mostly traveled by rickshaws and public trains in sleeper class. In Costa Rica I took buses, ferries, and mostly was on foot. There were always things that came up unexpectedly. It has taught me to go with the flow and let go. I shows me that I am not in control, but what I do have the power to do is be completely mindful of my personal mindfulness practice.

My meditative practice has grown over the past 6 years. I am receiving the benefits 10 fold of doing it everyday since I started in 2009. I am way more laid back than I used to be. Before I started meditating, I had to feel like I was in control of everything. I have to be honest with you about this. If something didn’t go my way I would slide into a depressive or anxious state. I was embarrassed to admit my faults in the past because I felt it would make me look fallible. Well, I am.. What isn’t fallible is my infallible Spirit. The Oneness I have, and we all have with the Creator is always and forever. Everything else is transient. It’s not real.

The Amtrak tragedy was devastating. 8 lives lost. I am so sorry for this tragic loss. When one of us suffers, we all suffer. A beautiful man came up to me a couple of days ago before I taught class and told me he knew one of the men who died in this accident. He came to share his loss with us at the studio. My heart, it expands and contracts with this man. I think about how much each and every life effects the next. We are truly connected by threads of creation and destruction. We both liberate one another and tear one another down. One things can never be expanded upon or detracted from… Our Inherent Nature. Our Oneness with God.

Half way through my Megabus trip yesterday our driver needed a break. These men and women have been working overtime to help pedestrians get from point A to B since the Amtrak has been in crisis. We waited in in Trenton, NJ outside of a rest station with a Sunoco and a few little shops in a Pavilion. While others stood with pained faces, I could see the gifts in these moments. I sat outside of that bus and let the sun kiss my face while I danced to the breeze. Are they aware that the pain they feel is because of the magnitude of the sadness that Maryland, DC, and the World is facing right now? Between Baltimore, Nepal, and beyond we are facing tragedies every day. Are we really thinking that being delayed by an hour is what is really turning our lives upside down? Is that what is churning our guts and making us want to cry and scream? I believe that 100% of what we feel and think is shared. We vibrate constantly. We vibrate in and we vibrate out. We are all connected.

I arrived to NYC around 2pm. I have never taken the subway alone before. God knew that. He sent an earth angel to me in the form of a beautiful Jamaican woman by the name of Fiona. Not only was she precariously placed next to me on the top level of the Megabus but walked with me to Penn  station. She helped guide me to my first stop. From there, another angel appeared in the form of a middle aged lady who begrudgingly guided me to go to a different train because it would make my life easier. I didn’t take her impatience towards me personally. We are all experiencing the world through out personal experiences and nothing is personal. I was just grateful she directed me to the A train. From the A train I met my third angel, Christina. Christina was a young art school student. She helped lead me the rest of the way to East Broadway by detail. She counted the stops I would go by before landing at my destination and everything. I am so taken care of. It just flowed.

I had a beautiful time at a charity event for RAKlife (Random Acts of Kindness) that evening. RAKlife, Lindsay Worek, and I are all helping to rebuild communities in indigent populations through a Yoga and Service Retreat in Byron Bay, Australia, April 1-10, 2016. It was an illustrious evening with a ton of laughter and loving energy. Before I knew it, it was time to return to Maryland. I caught the Megabus from 34th and 11/12th at 9:30am only to find another surprise 10 minutes into my trip. A Mack Truck hit our back end and luckily was only going 5 miles an hour so no one was hurt. I feel protected by Archangels always. Moments like these remind me of how precious life is. It could all be over in an instance. What are we doing to make the most of this moment? Are we really following our heart’s desire? Are we making a difference in the world? What are we waiting for?