Spring Cleanses Were Meant to Be Broken.

So you’ve cheated on your spring cleanse somehow. You feel guilt and shame. Why? Perhaps the cleanse was meant to be done imperfectly.


I can’t remember a cleanse that I didn’t do imperfectly. When I was living in Costa Rica years ago, I did my first 3 day water cleanse and guess what? I didn’t just have water. I had the fresh juice from a coconut

and I had bubbly water AND I stopped 2 1/2 days in because I could feel my body needed to. The last two 10 day superfoods cleanses I did, I enjoyed a full cheat meal at least once or twice because my body was craving it and still got tremendous benefits. I trust myself today. I trust that my body may need something else than was subscribed. I use cleanses or re-sets or whatever you want to call them as gentle guidelines to self-growth and purification. They always help me gain more clarity and lead to more peace. Always.

I urge you to allow the imperfections as being PERFECT moments in your, “Cleanse.” The main thing is to not give up on yourself because you decided to listen to YOURSELF rather than the fine print written by someone else.

How have you been imperfect today? How has that led you to trust in YOURSELF more?


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Alana Roach

Owner & Director of the Explorations of Self Travel Community

Mother, Yogi, Business Owner, Dharma and Meditation Instructor, Surfer, Artist, Singer, Life and Nutrition Coach, Social Media Marketer, Lover or LIFE.

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