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Yoga and travel have been a true salvation for me in so many ways. 6 years ago I was stepping into my first yoga class, a year later I was practicing 3-5 times a week because of the sheer magic that occurred on the mat. I went from having early signs of arthritis in my knees for almost a year (In my 20’s!) to running a marathon 2 years later after having a regular practice (Without pain and it has never returned). I went from having chronic anxiety and stress to being able to walk through my days unnerved, cool, calm, and collected. As my connection to my higher “Self” grew, my journey on and off of the mat deepened.

This inner journey brought me to an outer experience in the mother land India to live for 3 months in 2011/2012 and it was there that I experienced my first journey abroad. I took the backpacking approach to travel and I did yoga in guest houses and ashrams from Dheli to the Himalayas of Darjeeling. It was there that I absolutely knew I needed to teach and share the beauty of traveling and yoga with you. It was not just a part time thing for me, but it was to become my life’s purpose.

Alana in Rishikesh, India

Alana in Rishikesh, India

My friends, it is this life of yoga and travel that has led me to you. If it were not for these experiences, I wouldn’t be writing you right now. I have experienced an ever expanding knowledge of my purpose here on this earth and in the Universe as a result of my experiences. In order to hear these experiences I needed a moment of stillness. How can we know where to go if we don’t become still enough to hear the silent whisper of Universal Spirit?

I decided to travel abroad long term. I felt this decision to be a huge part of my unfolding Divine purpose. Costa Rica has been in the running of places to move for a few years and when we got the opportunity to check it out to see if we would want to make the leap, we well.. leaped.

Alana Roach Yoga with Lance Laurence Photography

Alana Roach Yoga with Lance Laurence Photography

I have to tell you my friends, Costa Rica offered me an even deeper sense of my Higher Self’s mission here at this time.

Airplane to Costa Rica!

Airplane to Costa Rica!

When I arrived in Costa Rica I was relieved. The energy in the airport of San Jose was 100 times better of that in any other place I have visited thus far. It felt lighter, calmer; there was less tension in the faces that passed. We stayed a night in San Jose at this beautiful hotel called, “La Grande.” We walked through the small city of San Jose that day and we were amazed at how clean it was, especially in comparison to New Delhi! Holy cow! I had heard from my friend that it was a bit dirty, but I can honestly tell you that after being to one of the most polluted cities in the world (Dheli, and Dheli still has it’s charm despite the smog) this was a walk in paradise. Truly. I believe that you will find if you are traveling outside of the States for the first time, this is a good way to start and ease into things. That evening we dined in the courtyard of our hotel and ate some of the best sea bass I have ever had.

Ferry Ride from San Jose to Monte Zuma, Costa Rica!!

Ferry Ride from San Jose to Monte Zuma, Costa Rica!!

The next day we caught the bus with the other back packers and ex-pats to the ferry. Our luggage was safe below the bus and it was delightful to know that the bus drove right onto the ferry. We got out of the ferry and traveled to the upstairs tier to watch the beautiful sunset over the water. 6 hours later we landed and boarded the bus again and were on our way to Monte Zuma. Monte Zuma is a beautiful, sleepy beach town. It reminded me of summer camp because the hotels were family owned, quaint structures with tin roofs and the bungalows that we stayed (Mangos, Monte Zuma, Costa Rica) in looked like circular tree houses that were arranged about 50 steps away from each other up the side of a hill. If you looked down the hill from our bungalow you could see the Pacific Ocean. The Ocean was as warm as bath water and stays that way all year round. During the, “High season,” also known as, “Dry season,” you don’t need to worry about bugs biting, which was such a blessed as you find yourself outside from morning to night. As the sun set over the Pacific Ocean we watched from the hammocks that are strewn about everywhere along the peninsula. It is truly a sight to see the sun hit the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific. It is something to experience at least once in your life (If not hundreds of times!). Every evening after a long day of hiking to the beautiful water falls in the rain forest and body surfing in the ocean we would saunter over to one of the many great restaurants arranged along the dirt path. Once again, the food was incredible and surprisingly diverse. For breakfast I typically had Huevos Ranchero and coffee and for dinner I’d have authentic Costa Rican food, Italian, Raw Vegan, you name it.

Becoming One With Nature, Costa Rica

becoming one with nature, Costa Rica



Mangos bungalows, Monte Zuma

After our week’s stay in Monte Zuma we decided to take a fellow backpacker’s advice and head to a surfer’s paradise called Santa Teresa. About a 45 minute trip in an air conditioned bus ride later we arrived. We spent maybe 5 minutes finding a place to stay with AC and then we were off to check out the surf. I have never surfed before and my boyfriend has but let me tell you, if you like to surf or are even remotely curious, this beach will beckon to you. These waves were the ones of movies and even watching them had an intense healing effect on my mind. For the first couple of minutes I just gazed out at the glistening powerful waters in the shade and then I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to go in. We lathered on 80 proof sun block and rented some boards for only $8 a piece (Remarkably much cheaper than Monte Zuma which had a deposit necessary for $150-$200 in case of damage!! We opted out there). The reason Santa Teresa is so affordable is because it is home to a lot of surfing lifer’s who don’t have the high budget to spend but need to have a place to crash, good food to stay fit, and a great beach to surf. The waves were powerful here and I stayed mostly near the shore line where there were still powerful enough breaks to surf but definitely better for beginners like me. I watched seasoned surfers carve in 15-20 ft swells further out. Occasionally there would be people riding horses bareback against the wild action of the ocean. It was incredible to experience and watch. We stayed there all day, every day. At night we had a feast. The food was even better here! I was treated to a huge steak of tuna with mashed potatoes for only $9 at Burger Rancheros, a funky outdoor restaurant with candle lit picnic tables and surfer servers. It was awesome. Not only did I fall in love with the surf, food, and people here, but I also fell in love with the funky art scene. There is this cool espresso/break and l unch café called Zwart which is owned by an ExPat artist and has brightly painted canvases and art room in the center of the lounge. I found myself being inspired to paint myself while there. It was truly inspiring to be around so much creative energy that had no objective except to create, live, and enjoy life. What became the icing on the cake was there was this great yoga community here. You were either surfing , doing yoga, eating well, or simply just relaxing here in Santa T. What a gift. I was home.

Paradise, Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula

Paradise, Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula

Alana Roach, Wild Horses on in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica with

Alana Roach, Wild Horses on in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica with


It was this journey that firmed up our plans to travel long term in Costa Rica. While staying in CR I received and email from True Nature Education’s Joshua Canter. Joshua asked me if I would like to lead a retreat in Costa Rica. Did he hear my thoughts? This was one of the first signs it was to be so. I never contacted him prior to this, it was truly a synchronicity! When we returned home, after much prayer and meditation, we decided to do just that. I set a date for Jan 2015. This would be my first retreat of many. Where else to start this adventure but Santa Teresa! Since making the decision to move to CR we miraculously met someone from the States who has lived in CR for 15 years as a real estate developer. Miraculously he was visiting some family in Maryland and we met him synchronistically 5 minutes away from our house 2 days after he arrived. The guy overheard us talking to a group of people and chimed in as we were about to leave. We since then had dinner a few times and he offered to pick us up from the airport with our luggage and let us crash at his house until we find a house to rent is Santa T. Wow! The Universe is amazing if and when you trust it to be so!. Since then I have received offers to teach from several different people that have randomly taken my classes here in the states These prospective retreats include Belize, Italy, other locations in Costa Rica, South Africa, and Hawaii! This is all within 2 months. I look forward to teaching all over the globe. I want to share these experiences with you. I believe our paths crossed for a reason. This has been my dream and they are coming true. I support your hearts deepest yearning! Your dreams are only a thought away!

I believe that everything happens for a reason. You are receiving this special invitation to become a globe trotter. Our journey starts in Santa Teresa Costa Rica this January 17-24. I am extending our early bird special because I want to save you as much money as possible.   If you sign up before August 1 you will save $300. After that the price will go up. All you need to secure your spot and tuition is $250! We can arrange a payment plan after that which will work with you. If that seems daunting, trust me, I went into making the decision to travel to India and Costa Rica trusting that the funds would miraculously appear. They always have. Whether it’s a special workshop that comes my way or another opportunity to each, the money always materializes if we trust that it will. First it requires my unabashed faith and commitment. The rest works itself out. Yoga and travel have rocked my world, and it is my hope for you that you let it rock yours.  

(Register TODAY! to Join me in Santa Teresa, CR Jan 17-24, 2014) Don’t waste another minute. Stop making excuses! Just do it! You will thank yourself later. Airfare is very affordable and if you are willing to travel light (All you need is a bathing suit, a couple of shirts, shorts, sandles, toothbrush and a towel) through Spirit Air if you book now (For as low as 200 round trip). I am not in this for the money , I want you to experience life to it’s fullest and not spend an arm and a leg doing so. I will continue to be here to answer questions and guide you along this journey right up until you board your plane in January!

I love you and support your Highest calling.

Namaste and Pura Vida!!!

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