Qiyo Multiversal Yoga: Meet Alana Roach


“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” 

John Lennon

A warm smile greets me through a screen from the other end of the world and I instantly know I am in good company. She has a warm smile and deep eyes that seem like they are from another time and place. Lora Nova, of Qiyo Multiversal Yoga is a world traveling yogini and fashionista,. We share a  Divine kinship in our love of yoga, different cultures, organic clothing, and service to others. The conversation rolls off of the tongue and instantly I know that our connection holds a deeper meaning.  We are meant to help the world together. Months later I meet the founder of the Qiyo Multiversal System, Swami Agung and I immediately find the same connection to him. I know I am in the presence of someone great. Great because he sees the greatness within ALL beings. Great because when he looks at you there is no sense of better or worse, there just is complete understanding and compassion. Lora and Agung embody the meaning of Qiyo Multiversal Yoga.

Qiyo Multiversal Yoga believes that, “There are many truths but there is only ONE source. God is realized in the Balance. We seek to live the middle path. We stay from dualities of right and wrong or good and bad, instead we believe in the Underlining Principle that creates and supports both. Our aim is to create and experiential field without fixed rules, but guided by a common MULTIVERSAL principle.”

Their motto? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and, “We see SELFLESS SERVICE as the highest path in life.”

With yoga retreats and teacher trainings in sacred locations like India, Japan, China, Spain, Bali, and Peru, Qiyo Multiversal is certainly creating their mark on the world in an authentic effort to inspire, connect, and be of service to all.


Vajra Tank Top & Maya Pants can be purchased at www.multiversalyoga.org

Vajra Tank Top & Maya Pants can be purchased at www.multiversalyoga.org


About Alana Roach

Alana’s love for yoga came from firsthand experience with just how powerful the practice is. “In 2009, Yoga found me. Inside the studio, she experienced a deep sense of belonging, but the most profound part was what happened after. “I felt as though I was at true peace. I finally knew what the word meant. Until that moment, I had just understood it cerebrally. There is something profound to be said about Peace dropping into the heart.”

With a background in ballet starting at the age of 2 that continued through age 15, Alana realized that she had been doing yoga even then. “The girls in the dance studio and I used to see who could hold full lotus the longest when I was just 4. I realize now that I have been training to practice and teach yoga my whole life”

In 2012, her journey took her to India for 3 months where she trained with incredible locals near the Himalayas and fell into a rhythm of practice that felt sustaining. She knew that when she returned from the East, she would begin in creating a life as a teacher of yoga to help others journey to find whole health and well-being in the mind, body, and soul. Alana lived in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for 6 months during 2014. During that time she created Explorations of Self Retreats. “Life was meant to be explored with each breath that we take. Within us lies a great yearning to know our Divine purpose and to fulfill our Highest mission in this lifetime. During the Explorations of Self Retreats we will dive into our hearts to re-discover our true Self.”

Reiki and E-RYT certified in Vinyasa with a focus in Ashtanga Yoga and her personal studies of energy work, yoga theory, and style ranging from restorative to power and everything in between. With over 1,000 hours of teaching experience, Alana teaches all levels and all ages. “I deeply desire to reach you at the level of your needs, and I try to communicate with you on a mind, body, soul level to find out what that is. We co-create a beautiful practice together. My students are my best teachers. In that light, we are co-teaching each other in every moment. It is really a beautiful experience.”A lana Roach became a Qiyo Multiversal Yogini and proponent of  the exquisitely designed, eco- friendly Qiyo Organic clothing and oval mat in 2014. She loved that with all purchases, 10% went to charity for children in India. The mission totally aligned with her own and she has been teaming up with Qiyo Multiversal Yoga ever since!



Stay tuned for co-creatings from Qiyo Multiversal Yoga and Alana Roach in the near future!

We will see you on your mats around the world!!!

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