Manifest Your Next Yoga Holiday

Yoga retreats are a beautiful launch pad for incredibly deep and long lasting change. They create a container that is unlike any other and if done in a tranquil, remote setting one can experience true liberation from old, life suppressing habits. They can completely reset your immune system, flushing out toxins with daily yoga, rest, nourishing food, and laughter. They can allow us to cry like no one is watching in a safe place where no one is judging. They excite the soul is ways that is beyond measure because you are simply tapping into the overflowing well stream of who you really are when you follow your dreams.

“Respond to every call 

that excites your spirit.”

Rumi, The Essential Rumi

So all if this sounds great, but you are wondering how you are going to get there. That is a beautiful place to be. Let’s start the process of manifesting what you truly desire with 3 simply steps.

The new year is upon us. Astrologically it is a time of creating the change you wish to see in your life. What is your passion? How can you bring that passion into fruition? 3 simple steps have led me to lead a life of passionate purpose. These 3 steps are simple but not always easy. They take a lot of inner courage, faith, and allowance. Simply put, these steps are.
1.Ask. Asking for what you truly desire in life is the first time. Write it down. Really go into your heart space and design the life you crave as if no one would get hurt by your decisions. Breathe into the moment when you look at these beautiful creations that you have laid out at the feet of the Universe. Close your eyes and visualize what these things would look, feel, taste, smell, and simply be like.

2.Believe. Know that the life you most desire, desires you just the same. That’s right. The Universe works in this way. If you believe that when you put out trust, love, and faith into every request, you will be on your way to receiving the same in multitudes. Stay open minded. Sometimes these great boons will come in many fashions.

3.Recieve. It takes a little bit of training to allow yourself to stay in the highest vibration. I am not saying to through your feelings out of the door. Not at all. Just remember to honor what  feelings and emotions come up and then bring it back to what is good in your life right now. Believing that all is how it should be in this moment and KNOWING that all is coming. Know that you are worth it. Yes, YOU! You, divine, you. You are worthy of these blessings. When doubt creeps in, shift your mind back to the affirmation, “I am worthy.” You will be amazed at how the Universe supports you in your beautiful endeavors!

Manifest a yoga retreat with me in any of these Divine locations.

I’ll see you on your mat, living the dream.

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Alana V. Roach

E-RYT, Reiki, Intuitive Healer & Medium, Wellness Retreat Leader

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