How to Achieve a Mobile Lifestyle in 5 easy steps

     1.Find your web presence. 

Building a successful web presence because with choosing your web host. I have had several of these and I vote Bluehost as they have less down time, better technical support, and great prices. For a back end, I enjoy Word press. It is very user friendly, especially considering how dynamic the user experience is for business sites, bloggers, merchants, minisites, portfolios, and much more.

     2.Weather proof your gear. young-woman-in-airport-lobby

I learned this the hard way after losing 2 lap tops in Costa Rica due to excessive humidity, I decided to go Mac and I haven’t looked back. If you are going through really harsh
conditions, I have heard really great things about the Toughbook, however I use a 13 inch Macbook air and it has served me well in Costa Rica on several occasions over the years.

     3.Establish your communications. You will most likely have a lot of clients from all over the place. Skype has long distance calling for as little as 3 cents a minute, and I really love the app Talkatone. It’s free to get a US phone number, text, and receive incoming calls. As far as your phone goes, check with your provider about international rates, and unlocking for everyone besides AT&T. For anywhere wifi, check out the Airport Express by Apple .

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     4.Become your own accountant.

I really love fresh books ( for invoicing and book keeping. Paypal for accepting and sending payments and e-Junkies for payment & fulfillment for your ebook, audio, or other information products.


     5. Travel Wisely.

For flights I really love Skyscanner and WhichBudget.

(At top of article)I started traveling when I was in my early twenties. I knew, from the moment I peered over the city of Rishikesh from our roof top of an Ashram that we had rented a room from, that I wanted to not only do this for the rest of my life, but make money while doing. I envisioned a plan right then and there. I imagined what my life would like like while doing this for the next few years while building this, and then beyond when I was established doing this. I knew I wanted to teach others how to live this way, if they chose to, because in my experience, this is really living.

So if you, like me, have the travel bug, but it’s more like a lifestyle rather than a phase, follow these simple 5 simple steps into creating your Mobile Lifestyle.


1422503_10152553804443019_6589055556597541337_nAlana Roach  is a International Yogi currently based out of Annapolis, MD. Formerly adorned by the city lights and the busy streets of America, she was then whisked away by the illustrious path of yoga and took to traveling the world to share it with others. A few years back she started to write about the transformation she undertook by  practicing conscious meditation. Her passions became her career and she now holds RYS Teacher Trainings & International Retreats, Health Coaches, and writes every opportunity she gets. In her spare time she loves cuddling with her daughter,  surfing, being in nature, and living amongst her ever growing and global loving and conscious community. She is on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, and can be reached by email

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