Great Tides

Photo Credit: Lance Laurence / Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Photo Credit: Lance Laurence /
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Courage has been a repeating theme in my life this year. “Courage,” keeps echoing to me in the core of my soul. To combat fear we must have the courage to love ourselves completely. I am discovering that courage takes on many different forms but it always stays true in the way that I am to trust it with every fiber of my being in times of trial. When faced with decisions, I am always given options, opinions, and ego. The high tide here in the Pacific brings with it great power. It comes closer and closer to you, crashing against the shore, washing with it debris and pulling back into the great mass under the great blue sky. When encountering the ocean’s power, the ego mind says, “I am afraid,” “I am going to fight with it,” “I am going to win,” and, “I am not good enough.” Depending on your level of training you might have the courage to ride the high tide, because you’ve studied it for years, you’ve started from the beginning working with a guide and surfed your way through the tides. Depending on your level of training you might say, “I haven’t studied this tide, perhaps I should start from the beginning and come back with a guide.” Perhaps with your level of training, you go into the high tide and feels it’s majesty halt you before you even get in knee deep and then you are faced with a decision, do I go forward or do I retreat? Which establishes courage? It takes courage to be humble and begin something new. It often takes guides, consistency, and trust. Even when you have the training to surf the high tide you are aware of its unpredictability, and you must stay present, and you are always learning something new about yourself, you are always growing, getting stronger. It’s an impossibility to become complacent in the ocean.

Alana Roach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Photo Credit: Lance Laurence/

Alana Roach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Lance Laurence/

Just like the tides of the ocean, the tides of the mind are ever changing. It takes courage to stay present, to be humble, to respect and accept where you are on the path. To have the courage to be still in moments of flux, to have the courage to flow with change, to have the courage to be open enough to learn from life’s great lessons, and take them in stride. It takes courage to realize the greatness of the ocean, just as it takes courage to realize the Greatness of You. It takes courage to really go for it, whatever that means for you in the moment. Just know to channel your Courage is a great teacher within itself. It could start with a mental exercise that I use all of the time. It’s simple. Whenever your mind starts to run, in yoga we call this the, “Monkey Mind,” direct your mind to the tip of your nose, take a deep breath, and say, “This, I am not.” You might be surprised to find that not identifying with your thoughts can take a lot of courage. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with courage. Find the courage to journey with Self. Join me Jan 17-24 in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for Explorations of Self: A Costa Rica Yoga Experience. Registration is open through October. If you sign up before September 1, receive great savings. I look forward to exploring courage deeper with you on your mats.

The light within me honors and sees the light within you, and in that moment we are one, Namaste.

Alana Roach CYT, RYT, Wellness Support, Writer, Travel Enthusiast

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