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Maya Anamaya: A Yoga, Detox, and Sound Healing Retreat in Belize

May 19-26, 2018

Maya Anamaya Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat in Ambergris Caye, Belize with Alana Roach, Brian Anahata, and Caileigh Feldman

May 19-26 Ambergris Caye, Belize

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Maya is the power by which the universe becomes manifest; it is how we view the breath taking, phenomenal world in which we live. Anamaya is that which is not afflicted by inner and outter suffering or Karma. Learn how to experience life from a space of non-attachment by remembering what really matters and who you REALLY are. Re-discover your innate wisdom while taking time for you in this paradise location.

Unplugg with Alana, Brian, and Caileigh on this soul enriching retreat in Belize’s first yoga resort on the smallest and most sacred island of Belize, Ambergis Caye. Through powerful ritual and Sadhana with soothing sound healings to accompany your yoga and meditation practice, this is sure to be a week you will never forget.

During your tropical dream vacation, you will enjoy 2 yoga classes a day with Alana and Caileigh, regular nutrition and wellness workshops, regular sound baths with our expert Sound Healer, Brian, while being surrounded by pure landscapes of oceans, palm trees, Sacred Ruins.

Garden View Cabanas

   single          $2175/person

       double        $1850/person

  triple           $1750/person

Village Room with Shared Bath

Single occupancy      $1695/person 

Double occupancy     $1595/person



 <Step 1. Click  here to make your $365.00 deposit
REGISTER NOW <–Step 2. Click here to answer a fill out our registration form

Be at one with nature within our Maya-inspired village of 7 cabanas mindfully positioned by the sea. Awaken to the sound of tropical birds, salute the sun peaking over the reef each morning… and watch the sunset later over the lagoon… Open to all walks of life… Engage in the reef as your playground and snorkel or drop a fishing line… scuba dive, sail, windsurf, kite-board, kayak and day trips to the Maya ruins… go barefoot in the warm, white sand… unwind to the natural rhythm of the island with daily yoga classes at the end of the pier… read in a hammock overlooking the crystal clear blue-green sea or within our meditation gardens… swim leisurely in the winding lagoon-inspired pool or laps at the end of the pier… affordable restaurant & bar on the beach with local food at local shack prices… dine around the beach bar & restaurant for local flavour and morning chit-chat, sample a traditional Belizean meal tableside on the beach or sip a Mango Madness by the pool.

Ak’bol welcomes yoga and wellness retreats all year round… destination weddings… and open to all communities. Spoil yourself silly with affordable natural spa treatments and renew your spirit with Maya healings…awaken the beauty within. Feel the ancient rhythms of the island… full moon gatherings, drumming circles and Maya study groups offered each month.

Retreat Includes:

  • Belizean Accommodations 7 nights / 8 days
  • Welcome Dinner first night (vegan/vegetarian options)
  • Light breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Buffets  (one dinner OFF)
  • Big Breakfast morning of departure
  • unlimited drinking water/juice/specialty retreat teas
  • 2 yoga classes a day
  • Wellness and nutrition workshops
  • Sunset Meditation and pranayama
  • Sound healing
  • Use of resort grounds, pool and pier
  • 1 on 1 coaching session



Yoga Teacher , Intuitive Reiki & Energy Worker, Integrative Nutrition & Life Coach

Alana Roach

Alana’s love for yoga came from firsthand experience with just how powerful the practice is. “In 2009, Yoga found me.” Inside the studio, she experienced a deep sense of belonging, but the most profound part was what happened after. “I felt as though I was at true peace. I finally knew what the word meant. Until that moment, I had just understood it cerebrally. There is something profound to be said about peace dropping into the heart.” With a background in ballet starting at the age of 2 that continued through age 15, Alana realized that she had been doing yoga even then. “The girls in the dance studio and I used to see who could hold full lotus the longest when I was just 4. I realize now that I have been training to practice and teach yoga my whole life”

In 2012, her journey took her to India for 3 months where she trained with incredible locals near the Himalayas and fell into a rhythm of practice that felt sustaining. She knew that when She returned from the East, she would begin in creating a life as a teacher of Yoga to help others journey to find whole health and well-being in the mind, body, and soul. She has been teaching ever since. With over 3,000 hours of teaching experience, E-RYT certified teacher trainer and teacher of Vinyasa with a focus in Ashtanga Yoga and her personal studies of many holistic modalities including integrative breathwork, pranayama, plant-based nutrition, tantric studies, and various yoga theory and practicum ranging from restorative to advanced vinyasa and everything in between, Alana teaches all levels and all ages. In

“I want to reach you at the level of your needs, and I try to communicate with you on a mind, body, soul level to find out what that is. We co-create a beautiful practice together. My students are my best teachers. In that light, we are co-teaching each other in every moment. It is really a beautiful experience.”

Caileigh Feldman, Yoga Instructor, Detoxification Coach & Plant-Based & Raw Vegan Nutrition Expert

Caileigh is a Nutritional Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor who is passionate about healing, meditation, pranayama, herbs, detoxification, juicing and travel. She is an award-winning filmmaker and honors graduate of Haverford College, where she studied Anthropology and Documentary Filmmaking. She loves being active and moving her body–through yoga, kickboxing, rock climbing, running, cycling and mountaineering–as a way to connect with nature and travel the world. Her love of the outdoors has led her to climb mountains and volcanos all over the U.S., South America and southern Africa. Caileigh’s mission to help others heal stems from her own experience with healing herself from an autoimmune disease through nutrition, mindfulness and yoga. She is an established instructor in plant-based vegetarian and vegan cooking, supporting youth and adults in Philadelphia and New York City for the past five years. She is a trained Mystical Yoga Instructor and incorporates many Kundalini yoga kriyas–cleaning techniques–into her Hatha and vinyasa classes. Most importantly, Caileigh is dedicated to helping people get in touch with their bodies, minds and souls to live the healthiest, fullest and most vibrant life possible. Caileigh cannot wait to support you on your journey to this incredible country!

Sound Shaman

Brian Anahata Russo

Brian is a teacher, healer and channel who is here to raise the vibration of his generation. He brings the mind, body, heart and soul back into balance through overtone chanting, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and drumming. Brian has the unique ability to hear oto-acoustic emissions, the natural frequencies emitted by the body. His spiritual name “Anahata Nada” means “unstruck sound” and echoes his ability to hear the sounds of the cosmos. Anahata also means heart and speaks to Brian’s passion to help others hear the sound of their heart to guide them on their journey.

Brian has been an English Dharma Instructor for the Chogye Order of Korean Zen Buddhism since he was fourteen. He has lived in a monastery in Bodh Gaya, India where Buddha attained enlightenment and studied throat chanting in Dharamsala at the Gyuto Monastery. He has also studied with Fabien Maman, the founder of vibrational therapy and singing bowl guru Sarah Turner. He uses voice analysis software from the BioAcoustic Institute to detect and correct physical and chemical imbalances in the body. Most of all, Brian enjoys learning and teaching from the heart to align all beings with their highest and best!



“This retreat was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever participated in. It provides an opportunity to surround yourself in loving kindness, and healing energy, while embarking on a journey with like-minded and open-hearted souls. You achieve deep connection to the earth, to each other, and to yourself through multi-modality exploration including nutrition, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and friendship. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone interested in embracing and achieving their highest self through spiritual awakening, deep healing, connection, community, and everlasting empowerment.” -Dr Lisa Hammond

“The instructors were wonderful, and truly made these classes exceptional.” Debra H.

“The sound healing experiences are so powerful that it is extraordinarily difficult to articulate into words—it is simply something you must experience in order to truly understand. At a minimum, I would describe these sessions as a liberation of, and yet at the same time a capturing of, the deep and powerful energy within ourselves and the world around us. Loved them. Listening to Brian during yoga class is truly a magical experienceIt was wonderful to have the live music as part of the yoga classes. I also enjoyed the sound healing workshops and was so at peace I drifted off to a happy place.I’m glad I was exposed to these workshops as it expanded my awareness of healing options. WONDERFUL! I had a sound healing session with Brian and it was a truly healing experience for me physically mentally, and spiritually. I have a new perspective and great respect on healing and spirituality. Thank you Brian for awakening my senses!” Sonhui R.

“Alana Roach and Caileigh are both powerful and rising embodiments of the divine feminine. It was an absolute honour to watch them co create magic with their individual yet such complementary gifts. I look forward to more shakti creations as a trio. “– Acqua Xena Heart

“The Explorations of Self yoga retreat led by Alana Roach was one of the best experiences of my life.  I can truly say for me, it was life changing.  Her guidance and teaching helped me to really let go and be in the present like never before. She took the time to connect with each one of her students on a personal level with patience, compassion, and love. She has a real gift for feeling the energy of the class and tailoring the physical practice and meditation to fit the moment. Alana has this light about her that shines very brightly, you can’t help but feel a sense of ease and comfort. “– Fred Dolbow



Practice with the energy of the sea beneath you…after class plunge into the sea or in our lagoon-inspired fresh water pool…discussion groups within a private palapa off the beach…organized extra activities as the sea is your playground…engage yourself with diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, Maya ruins….or relax in a hammock and listen to the birds…get through that book you have been wanting to read…write in your journal…and get a massage treatment….


*Some excursions are not included but can be added for an additional and affordable cost.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand that many questions come up when visiting a place you have never been. What do I bring? What is the weather like?  We have created Participant Packages that will clarify these type of questions and more   Once you have registered, we will send you these materials.   If you have other questions, you can always write us at so we can support you.


 Getting There

You will be booking your flight to Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport. A water taxi will escort you from the airport to San Pedro. Before booking flights, please contact us to discuss the flight arrival and departure window for your retreat and to be sure group minimums have been reached. If you do not wish to take the water taxi, you can book Tropic air (Puddle jumper) for an 18 minute trip.


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