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La Vita Bella: A Yoga Retreat in Tuscany Italy (Registration is Open)

La Vita Bella: A Yoga Retreat in Tuscany Italy, Aug 18-25, 2018

Featuring: Alana Roach & Alana Rene Quattro

In the heart of Tuscan Maremma, defined by its unique hilly landscape which extends down toward the Tyrrhenian Sea, our center sits atop a hill and offers rustic tranquility. We offer for your Tuscan yoga retreat, a true place of reprieve. In this part of Tuscany, one can easily explore the enchanting medieval and renaissance towns of Sorano and Pitigliano, or indulge in a day at Saturnia’s thermal baths.

Tuscany, Italy

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You are being called to come to Tuscany, Italy for restoration through yoga, meditation, and soaking in the ambience of this ineffable, romantic heaven on Earth. Enjoy views of manicured fields, rustic farms, cypress-lined driveways, and towns clinging to nearly every hill as you practice asana under the Tuscany sun! Join yogis Explorations of Self Retreat Leaders Alana Roach & Alana Quattro in to explore the magic of all that is possible by being the living the expression of, “La vita bella,” It’s a beautiful life!

“With its lyrical landscapes, world-class art and a superb cucina contadina (farmer’s kitchen), the Tuscan experience is perfectly in symbiosis with the land.” Trip Advisor

 If you choose to relax around the center, you can get lost in the serenity of the beautiful grounds. There is a pool with a stunning view of the valley, as well as a small outdoor amphitheater for evening lectures, kirtan or stargazing. Cooking classes can be booked onsite, and wine and cheese tasting can be organized at the vineyards and local producers. Several different thermal spas are within a 15 minute drive from Catebbio, from casual and free to luxurious resort-like spas. There is also a golf course near by. Exploring the surrounding areas, make sure to book an excursion to one of the nearby medieval and renaissance towns all within a 30 minutes drive. Sorano has recently been rewarded as one of the best small towns in Italy. Sorano was founded on a sedimentary volcanic hill made of Tufa rocks, which give the white wine produced in the surrounding area a unique and special flavor. The hike from Sasso Leopoldini to the renaissance fortress built in 1552 is a great way to feel the history of this Tuscan region. Follow the nature paths of the Archeological Park, and find your way to the tomb of Scylla, the marine demon with a female body. If archeology is not your passion but modern art is, don’t miss the Art Park of Seggiano, with it’s labyrinths, gardens and sculptures it is sure to impress.
Pitignano is a quaint old town full of history, culture and surprises. It is also known as little Jerusalem for the historical presence of a Jewish community that has always been well integrated into the social context and has a beautiful 16th century synagogue. Worth visiting in Pitignano are many Etruscan ruins, the aqueduct of the Orcini Palace and the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul. Along with some white wine and tozzetto, Pitignano will make your visit unforgettable.


Double: $1,991.60 USD EARLY BIRD SPECIAL until April 1st 

(Regular Price $2241.60)

Single: $2289.52 USD EARLY BIRD SPECIAL until April 1st

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Retreat Includes:

  • 7 nights Accommodations at Beautiful Retreat Center in Tuscany
  • 3 Whole Foods Vegetarian Meals a Day + 2 glasses of local wine from the vineyard.
  • Indoor and outdoor options for meals.
  • Round-Trip Group Ground Transport to/from the Rome Airport.
  • 1 daily yoga session in the beautiful outdoor yoga shala, overlooking the mountains.
  • 5 Workshops
  • Lots of time to rest and explore Sorano.
  • A journey of a lifetime.*


  • Hot Springs
  • Day trip to Rome*
  • Day trip to Florence*
  • Day trip to the coastline of Alberese.
  • Massage & Spa Offerings.
  • Pitignano are many Etruscan ruins, the aqueduct of the Orcini Palace and the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul
  • Cooking classes.
  • Local Service Opportunity
*All activities listed are optional and the costs are additional


Alana Roach

Alana’s love for yoga came from firsthand experience with just how powerful the practice is. After nearly a decade of eating disorder and alcohol abuse she became sober from both during the same year she started doing yoga. “In 2009, Yoga found me.” Inside the studio, she experienced a deep sense of belonging, but the most profound part was what happened after. “I felt as though I was at true peace. I finally knew what the word meant. Until that moment, I had just understood it cerebrally. There is something profound to be said about peace dropping into the heart.” Yoga not only gave her mind a sense of peace, but her body. Before yoga, Alana started to have issues with her knees and digestion. After practicing yoga for just 1 month, her knees were pain free, and Alana started to intuitively know what foods would heal her. Her digestion improved over the next year as her self-study deepened. Today, Alana is well-versed in her Intuitive Eating method, and guides others to do the same. “We are all different, and what each person needs will vary. This is what Dr. Rosenthal of IIN calls, “Bio-individuality.” Trust your gut.” “Yoga has absolutely given me a life beyond my wildest dreams, and it just keeps getting better.”

With a background in ballet starting at the age of 2 that continued through age 15, Alana realized that she had been doing yoga even then. “The girls in the dance studio and I used to see who could hold full lotus the longest when I was just 4. I realize now that I have been training to practice and teach yoga my whole life”

Alana Diosa Roach is a world renowned Yoga and Wellness Teacher. She has been teaching her dynamic, breath centered style of yoga since 2011. Alana holds 2,000 hours of Yoga Alliance Certified teaching experience, including leadership of teacher trainings for upcoming yogis and yoginis, years of INTENSIVE Integrative Breath Work Trainings + is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Health in NY, holding a certification as an Integrative Nutrition Coach. She harnesses an apt understanding and application of energy work both intimately and remotely as a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, Ascension Clairvoyance, & Shamanic PLR Chord Cutting.

“I want to reach you at the level of your needs, with absolute compassion and non-judgement. My hope is for each student to see themselves as God sees them. Completely perfect and completely whole. When we focus on what is beautiful about ourselves, our life, and others, we attract more of that into our world.”

Alana Rene Quattro

Alana is an RYT-800 yoga instructor living in the mountains west of Boulder, CO. She trained in Baptiste and Forrest-based styles of power vinyasa yoga, having graduated her first training in Connecticut in 2013. Alana found yoga in 2004 during the early years of a long and intense eating disorder, seeking a new and healthy way to move her body after dealing with an exercise addiction. It quickly became an important outlet for her, instrumental in her eventual recovery, and by 16, she was aiding her teacher and mentor in teaching yoga classes at private schools in CT. Over the years, Alana witnessed yoga culture go from one of self-acceptance and non-judgment, a space to find release from the harsh critic and perfectionist within, to one of comparison – in status, looks, flexibility, “nailing poses”, wearing the right clothes, going on trendy cleanses and diets, having the “yoga body”, and being used as a way to burn calories (she never thought she’d find herself doing mountain climbers in between chaturangas!). This saddened her and she began seeking others that noticed the same cultural shift and wanted to change it back into a practice of self-love, one in which people learn to accept themselves as they are versus changing themselves to fit the “yoga mold”. In her search, she found Chelsea Roff, the founder of an innovative program called Eat Breathe Thrive whose aim is to overcome negative self-image, body image issues, and disordered eating through an integrative mind-body approach based in yoga and neuroscience. She began the program in April 2017, and continues to work the program to this day, studying again with Chelsea at the Omega Institute in New York in August 2017. She has realized over the past four years that it is her calling as a yoga instructor to utilize the practice to help others recover from emotional issues and low self-worth, and to create a strong community of individuals that lift each other up.

Over the past two years she has co-led yoga and nutrition retreats in Bali, Indonesia and Crestone, Colorado and has fallen in love with how the format of these retreats allowed students to find safety in being vulnerable, created beautiful connections between students, and helped students develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. She comes equipped with a listening ear and, through workshops that she passionately leads, provides tools to help students lead a more empowered life post-retreat. 


“That retreat changed my whole perspective of me and how I embrace the universe. Would do it again in a heart beat.” Jenn Barrett

“It was truly a transformational experience.” Dr Adam Roth (MD)

“This retreat was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever participated in. It provides an opportunity to surround yourself in loving kindness, and healing energy, while embarking on a journey with like-minded and open-hearted souls. You achieve deep connection to the earth, to each other, and to yourself through multi-modality exploration including nutrition, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and friendship. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone interested in embracing and achieving their highest self through spiritual awakening, deep healing, connection, community, and everlasting empowerment.”

Dr. Lisa Hammond

The Explorations of Self yoga retreat was one of the best experiences of my life.  I can truly say for me, it was life changing. – 
Fred Dolbow



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will be sending you a complete list of answered to our most asked questions, including a suggested packing list for your Italy retreat!  If you have other questions, you can always write us at Explorationsofself@Gmail.com so we can support you.

Getting There

The closest airport to arrive to for your yoga retreat at Catebbio is Rome FCO. If coming by train, the closest station is Grosseto. Please try to arrive between 2-3pm and depart after 3pm.


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