Do Date a Girl Who Travels



Do date a girl who travels. Stroke her messy, unkempt, sun-bleached hair when she’s asleep and you’ll feel her whole being unfold in your arms.

Trace the map of her wounds, scars and wrinkles with your fingertips until you know it by heart and you’ll understand her story. It’s not easy to follow and there are more exclamation and question marks than full stops and commas, but it’s worth reading for not a single word is empty of meaning.

Do date a girl who travels and you won’t be bored. She’ll make you close your eyes, jump out of a plane, talk to strangers, watch the moon, climb rocks, hike mountains, dance barefoot, chat until sunrise, skinny dip, sing karaoke. She won’t be easy to keep up with. She won’t be easy to please. But every day you’ll be grateful for her endless energy, free spirit and infectious zest for life for it will make you live fearlessly, mindfully, blissfully.

Do date a girl who travels. You won’t need to buy her expensive dinners or gifts. You won’t need to prove you’re worth her. Walk with her, hold her hand, talk to her, laugh with her. Keep it simple. Be genuine and never try to impress her with anything else but who you are and who you’re working on being. And remember that she won’t be fooled. She’s seen it all.

Do date a girl who travels for she will show you the world you never knew existed. The world where the sky is no limit. The world of dreams made into reality. The world where willpower and determination are the only prerequisites for success. Success which is not measured by fame or material possessions, but by finding your purpose and living your truth and passions. The world often stripped of order, logic and analytical thinking, but full of intuitive decisions, spontaneous changes and internal conviction. Do date a girl who travels for she’ll knock out all the walls you’ve built around yourself and find her way to places you’d never let anyone into.

Do date a girl who travels. She won’t need you. She won’t be scared of losing you. She’ll be with you because she choses to. Because life is simply better with you. Trust her. Learn when to follow her and when to let her go. If you manage to touch her soul, she’ll be back. And when she is, hold her so tight that all the beautiful, wobbly, faulty, mismatched pieces of her stick together. And every day you’ll thank the universe for bringing her your way.

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Author: Magda Procner 

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