Alana Roach 

Owner and Director of Explorations of Self, Yoga Instructor, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Reiki & Shamanic Energy Worker, Intuitive Healer, Meditation & Dharma Teacher

Alana’s love for yoga came from firsthand experience with just how powerful the practice is. “In 2009, Yoga found me. Inside the studio, she experienced a deep sense of belonging, but the most profound part was what happened after. “I felt as though I was at true peace. I finally knew what the word meant. Until that moment, I had just understood it cerebrally. There is something profound to be said about peace dropping into the heart.” With a background in ballet starting at the age of 2 that continued through age 15, Alana realized that She had been doing yoga even then. “The girls in the dance studio and I used to see who could hold full lotus the longest when I was just 4. I realize now that I have been training to practice and teach yoga my whole life”
In 2012, her journey took her to India for 3 months where she trained with incredible locals near the Himalayas and fell into a rhythm of practice that felt sustaining. She knew that when She returned from the East, she would begin in creating a life as a teacher of Yoga to help others journey to find whole health and well-being in the mind, body, and soul. She has been teaching ever since. CYT and E-RYT certified in Vinyasa with a focus in Ashtanga Yoga and her personal studies of many holistic modalities including integrative breathwork, pranayama, plant based nutrition, and various yoga theory and practicum ranging from restorative to advanced vinyasa and everything in between, Alana teaches all levels and all ages. “I want to reach you at the level of your needs, and I try to communicate with you on a mind, body, soul level to find out what that is. We co-create a beautiful practice together. My students are my best teachers. In that light, we are co-teaching each other in every moment. It is really a beautiful experience.

Jessica Crate

Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Infinite World Changer, Retreat Leader & Yoga Instructor

I am a lifestyle entrepreneur encompassing faith, fashion and fitness… Jesus Christ is at the focal point of my heart from which all business, entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropic achievements stem.

Jessica Lynn Crate is a fiery, driven woman, former Olympic level Elite Marathon runner and triathlete who qualified to compete for Team USA at 5 consecutive World Triathlon Championships in both ITU and the Ironman 70.3 circuits. She is now the C.E.O. of Crate Consulting LLC and full-time Lifestyle Entrepreneur with LifeVantage. Along with being a USATF Running Coach, Yoga Sports Performance Teacher and Yoga Alliance Instructor, her life mission is to inspire others to “cultivate a champion mindset” and live a life that demands an explanation. Currently, Jessica now works as an Independent Distributor for the world’s fastest growing direct selling company. Jessica jet sets across the country speaking on stage projmoting human performance, active fitness, conscious health choices, and LifeStyle entrepreneurship. Educating others on social capital, faith, fitness and residuality is her focus. 

Jessica had an unfair advantage when she began taking her health, lifestyle, and business seriously though. After graduating from Florida State University with a Pre-Medical degree in Biological Science and Psychology, she worked for medical device and pharmaceutical companies, witnessing first hand the neglect that modern science dedicated to curing diseases – while these companies invested billions of dollars into patent profits just to mask the symptoms of underlying illness. She was praying for an answer out of that career when a pivotal moment woke her up to life from a New Vantage point, thrusting her out of that industry and into her full time passion. It was only after fracturing her foot in the prestigious Boston marathon and finishing the race on a broken foot, that she decided to take her life into her own hands, master prevention and own entrepreneurship.

Professionally, Jessica’s energy is downright contagious. Her smile captivates the room and she exudes a beautiful aura wherever she goes. With documentation from working in the white-coat offices of modern medicine, which eventually gave her the mental resolve to leave it behind for Olympiad training, the presence she conveys on stage in front of thousands is powerful. Jessica is passionate about moving, motivating, and inspiring the body, mind and soul vision behind the Human Performance Movement.

Jessica is an Elite Marathon runner, World Class triathlete, USATF Coach, Yoga Instructor, businesswoman and lifestyle entrepreneur. She serves on the Community Advisory Board for a National Charity, Girls on the Run, as the Director of Fundraising and Events.

She speaks on life, training, fitness, nutrition and her secret to success, while motivating individuals at any level to pursue their passion with the heart of a champion, even in the midst of adversity.” ~MMB60 Program, The Platform Magazine, True TV, iHeart Radio 

Jill Kraz

Wellness Leader, Adaptive and Dynamic Yoga, SUP, Bootcamp and Surf Instructor


Jill’s passion for fitness has taken her around the world.  She has spent months surfing, hiking, and exploring far off lands: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Australia, Hawaii, and many of the Fijian and Samoan Islands.   She lived in New Zealand for a year and a half working as an exercise specialist and as Red Cross instructor in 2011. Traveling became an outlet for her early on and made her feel fully ALIVE.

Jill graduated from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington where she ran track/cross country and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science.   She kept herself busy to say the least, working up to three jobs at once to save for her next adventure.   Her day job consists of teaching cycling, boot camps, surf/paddleboard lessons and personal training.  Now the only problem is, she almost never slept and had trouble staying still.

That’s where yoga found its way in!  Given her active and fast-paced lifestyle, yoga did not initially feel good.  In fact, it wasn’t until a few months later that she experienced something new: a total relaxed body and mind.  Her ability to lie flat in savasana was a miracle.  Yoga began to restore her soul without having to go anywhere but inside herself.

One miniature accomplishment led to another and by 2015 she became so passionate about the practice that she decided to take on a 200-hour teacher training.  Jill is now a registered yoga teacher and excited to see where this journey  takes her.


“If you have the power to make someone happy, do it!  The world needs more of that.” -Anonymous

Kate Grove

Yoga Instructor, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Instructor, PaddleFit Level 2 Instructor, World Paddle Association Class II Trainer, Indo Yoga Board instructor, Precision Cycle certified and a Lululemon SUP Yoga Ambassador

Kate has been leading fitness classes throughout Annapolis for the last fifteen years and is the owner of Sunrise SUP – a Stand Up Paddleboarding business providing SUP Yoga, fitness, lessons, rentals, kid’s camps and group events since 2013. She is a Yoga Instructor, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Instructor, PaddleFit Level 2 Instructor, World Paddle Association Class II Trainer, Indo Yoga Board instructor, Precision Cycle certified and a Lululemon SUP Yoga Ambassador. In February 2016, she became the co-owner of YogaVibez Edgewater – a waterfront yoga studio located at Pier 7, next to Sunrise SUP. Together, they provide both the land and water experience to build a strong yoga community and spread good Vibez. They launched FLOWGA (SUP Yoga) teacher training in May 2016. She has trained children, exercise enthusiasts and athletes in Stand Up Paddleboarding, Yoga, Indo Yoga, Triathlon skills, core strength, cardio conditioning, endurance and flexibility; she has coached group training for beginner triathlon, master swim programs and youth fitness and SUP camps during the summer. Kate competes in SUP racing, Triathlon and running events Yin Yang Yoga 200 RYT in 2015 Indo Yoga Board Instructor, teaching since 2014 SUP Yoga Certification with Lazy Dog in April 2014 PaddleFit – Level 1 & 2, April 2013 WPA Class II Trainer

Julie Martin

Logistics Coordinator Explorations of Self, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Transformation Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist

Julie is Yoga Instructor, Meditation teacher, and Transformation Coach with a passion for utilizing the body’s wisdom to heal emotional trauma and access the limitless source of inner peace and divine power that we all possess.  Julie’s yoga journey began in 2001, when a friend encouraged her to join in a power yoga class to help supplement her vigorous competitive swimming workouts.  She immediately realized that yoga was much more than a way to build physical strength and flexibility, but a key ingredient in developing a deeper connection with herself and learning to find a place of calm in the midst of chaos.  After ten years of working in the mental health field, earning her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and going through a period of personal tragedy, Julie found herself again turning to her yoga mat to access a source of healing that went much deeper than any modality she had been trained in as a therapist.

While it had always been a dream to one day treat clients in a retreat setting, it wasn’t until truly diving into a devoted yoga and meditation practice that she realized that the time was now to share the tools she had utilized to heal and transform her own life.  After moving to Bali to help run a yoga ashram and retreat center, she set her sights on India, where she studied yoga and meditation in Rishikesh, on the banks of the Ganga river.  Julie is a certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, and utilizes a combination of Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra and guided meditation to help students to heal, grow, and transform.

Julie is a passionate teacher and healer with a serious travel addiction, and cannot wait to support you in your epic journey with us!

Joey Adams

Crystal, Reiki , and Sound Healing Transmissions

Josephs inception in to meditation and spirituality began with the practice of Lucid dreaming. During his younger 20’s he was fascinated with the Teaching of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda. Don Juan taught about the art of dreaming, Joseph began to practice the techniques to become lucid. After 2 months of trying to become lucid it happened. After years of refining the practice, demonstrating precognitive abilities, and learning to control the dream space, Joseph achieved an out of body experience. The out of body experience was the true catalyst that lead him down the path of energy healing, channeling, and divine understanding of the minds evolution in to harmony. Having realized there are strong fundamentals on how we integrate love, it has been his privilege, right, and duty to teach these concepts.

There has also been another powerful teacher that has helped Joseph understand the dynamics of relation and connection. Working with crystals has accelerated his development and understanding tremendously. Crystals have been a powerful ally and can truly help people sense subtle energy. With the help of one of the most powerful crystals, Moldavite a tektite from a meteor impact 14 million years ago, Joseph has co-founded a company,, that teaches workshops around the area. Joseph has focused on the use of the highest vibrating crystals, because they can provide the strongest opportunity for growth. Josephs true gift to share with the world has been his energetic healing ability. He traditionally learned Usui Reike but quickly developed his true form and style. The strength of his connection comes from the countless hours of introspective work. Harmonizing our history with in ourselves is one of the most powerful ways to lighten the body. Learning to be in complete service while under the intense spiritual frequencies has allowed Joseph to provide humbling experiences for himself and the people he has worked with.

Caileigh Feldman 

Yoga Instructor, Detoxification Coach & Plant-Based Raw Foods Nutrition Expert

Caileigh is a Nutritional Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor who is passionate about healing, meditation, pranayama, herbs, detoxification, juicing and travel. She is an award-winning filmmaker and honors graduate of Haverford College, where she studied Anthropology and Documentary Filmmaking. She loves being active and moving her body–through yoga, kickboxing, rock climbing, running, cycling and mountaineering–as a way to connect with nature and travel the world. Her love of the outdoors has led her to climb mountains and volcanos all over the U.S., South America and southern Africa. Caileigh’s mission to help others heal stems from her own experience with healing herself from an autoimmune disease through nutrition, mindfulness and yoga. She is an established instructor in plant-based vegetarian and vegan cooking, supporting youth and adults in Philadelphia and New York City for the past five years. She is a trained Mystical Yoga Instructor and incorporates many Kundalini yoga kriyas–cleaning techniques–into her Hatha and vinyasa classes. Most importantly, Caileigh is dedicated to helping people get in touch with their bodies, minds and souls to live the healthiest, fullest and most vibrant life possible. Caileigh cannot wait to support you on your journey to this incredible country!

Brian Anahata Russo

Tibetan Singing Bowls and Sound Shaman

Brian is a teacher, healer and channel who is here to raise the vibration of his generation. He brings the mind, body, heart and soul back into balance through overtone chanting, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and drumming. Brian has the unique ability to hear oto-acoustic emissions, the natural frequencies emitted by the body. His spiritual name “Anahata Nada” means “unstruck sound” and echoes his ability to hear the sounds of the cosmos. Anahata also means heart and speaks to Brian’s passion to help others hear the sound of their heart to guide them on their journey.

Brian has been an English Dharma Instructor for the Chogye Order of Korean Zen Buddhism since he was fourteen. He has lived in a monastery in Bodh Gaya, India where Buddha attained enlightenment and studied throat chanting in Dharamsala at the Gyuto Monastery. He has also studied with Fabien Maman, the founder of vibrational therapy and singing bowl guru Sarah Turner. He uses voice analysis software from the BioAcoustic Institute to detect and correct physical and chemical imbalances in the body. Most of all, Brian enjoys learning and teaching from the heart to align all beings with their highest and best!