Celebrating our Dream: Peru 2017

You are being called to embark upon a life changing adventure; to journey to a new land and leave with new eyes. Peru 2017.

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Are you ready for this rollercoaster ride? You’re going to want to buckle up and empty your pockets because this exploration of self is going to take you through the greatest twists and turns of your life. I am Anahata. My soulmate Calliope and our best friend Alana will be your guides on this journey to heal yourself and heal the planet.




You begin to wake up to your true nature when you see past your past and create your life from the NOW. Peru is THE place to awaken because it is home to the Kundalini energy.

Kundalini is energy of the Earth that creates the resonance for the expansion of your consciousness.

This is a good thing because when you have greater clarity in navigating your exploration of self, your whole life is enlivened by the fun of choosing the dream you create every moment!

For nearly 13,000 years, the Kundalini energy resided in Tibet. So it’s no surprise that so many enlightened beings lived there as it was the place where the light energy was pouring into the Earth! But after the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1959, the Kundalini made its journey to the mountains of Peru and Chile. In Peru, the energy now acts as a mirror, quickly showing you where you are at; both the light and dark sides of yourself! Everything is brought up to the surface so you leave what no longer serves you and embody fully what does.

Last year, I journeyed through Peru for months and visited the various places where the Kundalini energy is strongest to activate it within myself. The Peruvian energy is so pure and powerful that it really enabled me to see the ways in which I was not being the best version of my self.  The Kundalini energy there enabled me to clear trapped emotions and mental obstacles that were clogging up my energy flow.

My practices allowed the coiled Kundalini sleeping at the base of my spine to stretch out and rise up through each vertebra through the pineal gland in the center of the brain. The opening of the pineal gland can happen gradually but a Kundalini awakening is a major opening that allows you to see where you are now and how to get where you are going in this space and time. It’s basically awakening to your Destiny. It wasn’t until a few months later until I had a Kundalini awakening (the awakenings keeps on going!). The seeds for it were planted in Peru, simply by sitting in her mountains and watching the sunrise past the peaks in the Sacred Valley.  The energy awakens effortlessly and on its own accord when you have the inner silence and practices to feel it flow!

That brings us to our Retreat in Willka T’ika. All the people who are meant to come are already called in. You are reading this because perhaps you are one of them. From Oct. 6th to the 13th, we will celebrate our selves to our heart’s content. Our heart’s content is sharing our hearts with eachother. We will all awaken each other and have fun doing it! Through yoga asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath control), crystal bowl sound baths and more, we will strengthen our spines and open our hearts.

With perfect food, beautiful people, out-of-this-world excursions and being present to the magic, we will be totally held in the harmony of our this beautiful space in time.

If you are interested in this retreat, apply soon! There will be exactly 33 of us in Peru in 2017, which means 30 spots for participants plus, myself, Alana and Caileigh. Once you are accepted into the group, you will receive exercises from us that will prepare you to flow easily for the retreat. Like everything, the more you put in the more you get out. So, if you fully commit to this journey, know it begins NOW and it is up to you how powerful this time will be to transform your life and live your dream.

The 33 people on the retreat are symbolic of the 33 vertebrae in the human spinal column. In our final ceremony, we will tone and move in a way that helps all of us to awaken the Kundalini. We will harness the Kundalini of the Earth and eachother to celebrate the energy that is arising on the planet at this time for the health, wealth and happiness of all beings! Each person on the retreat is your mirror to bring out in you what you need on your path. You may be re-minded of yourself through the joy in an other or you may be triggered and shown a ‘dark’ side of yourself to bring light to the situation, but its all for the best! The snake sheds what no longer serves to emerge anew. Are you ready to become who you were always meant to be? It’s certainly time to find out. Click here to register now!






Brian Anahata Russo

(Tibetan Singing Bowls and Sound Shaman)

Brian is a teacher, healer and channel who is here to raise the vibration of his generation. He brings the mind, body, heart and soul back into balance through overtone chanting, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and drumming. Brian has the unique ability to hear oto-acoustic emissions, the natural frequencies emitted by the body. His spiritual name “Anahata Nada” means “unstruck sound” and echoes his ability to hear the sounds of the cosmos. Anahata also means heart and speaks to Brian’s passion to help others hear the sound of their heart to guide them on their journey.

Brian has been an English Dharma Instructor for the Chogye Order of Korean Zen Buddhism since he was fourteen. He has lived in a monastery in Bodh Gaya, India where Buddha attained enlightenment and studied throat chanting in Dharamsala at the Gyuto Monastery. He has also studied with Fabien Maman, the founder of vibrational therapy and singing bowl guru Sarah Turner. He uses voice analysis software from the BioAcoustic Institute to detect and correct physical and chemical imbalances in the body. Most of all, Brian enjoys learning and teaching from the heart to align all beings with their highest and best!

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