Are You Freelance:Digital Nomad Material?

What does it take to become a freelance entrepreneur and/or a digital nomad? What IS a digital nomad? Both offer the same thing. Freedom to work for either yourself or other businesses from any location in the world. As long as you have a competent digital office, you are able to become a freelance entrepreneur and/or a digital nomad. Within this past year, I made the jump to being a part time digital nomad, to a FULL time freelance entrepreneurial digital nomad, and let me tell you, it feels so GOOD! I still work hard, but I work from where ever I damn well please, and that makes working taste so delicious.

Are you freelance/digital nomad material?

photo by: Aaron Burden

photo by: Aaron Burden

If the following resonates, there is a good chance that you are ready to take this leap.

  1. You could be online all day and night and still crave the sweet glow of an iMac screen, while enjoying your favorite kombucha. As long as you have your computer, headphones, and a delicious beverage, you are as happy as a clam whilst whistling away in your own digital cloud bubble. Mmm, technology, snacks, and a warm environment are your idea of a comfortable day.
  2. You love meeting fellow workers at co-working spaces. Meeting others of like minds is such a treat for you. You love sharing space with those who are fast at digital work and occasionally like to take breaks to share fun tips to enhance your lifestyle while also taking a moment to share their life’s story and a bit of humor.
  3. You get a rise out of sharing battle stories of traveling abroad. It’s happened to the best of us. One day you are perusing the streets of New Dehli, and stevenlewisthe next thing you know you are doubled over in nausea from the street food you daringly tried because you… you are invincible. The next few days you feel like you’ve taken a couple tabs of acid and you can’t stop throwing up in those awesome holes in the ground. Laugh now. You certainly weren’t then.
  4. Your laptop is always in the back of your mind. Especially when you are socializing. You take the evening off to hang out with your guest house mates from across the hall. You begin to get a little compulsive about your laptops safety. It might be nice to feel the lightness of not carrying a backpack this evening with your digital office, but you do it anyway. You are a part of your laptop, and it is a part of you.
  5. You feel more secure not knowing where you will be in a couple of months. You enjoy going with the flow. Making plans too far out is not attractive unless there is a digital price tag attached to it, and even then you make it clear, “I work from location.” My location.
  6. You get a thrill out of watching others cringe at your lifestyle. Even though they secretly wish they could do it, too. The secret it… they can.
  7. You have a, “Don’t quit until it’s possible,” outlook on life. Living this way requires that. You enjoy not following the crowd. You dance to the beat of your own drum. You keep forging ahead to create the life YOU desire, which is free, and unencumbered by 4 walls and a nagging boss.
  8. You enjoy traveling light. As Yogi Bhajan said, “Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” You would not have it any other way. This is your outlook on life.
  9. You tear up a little when you are typing away from a hammock that overlooks white sands and blue seas. Are you kidding me? This is my office? You feel like you have discovered a hidden secret to life, and by simply doing what comes naturally, you are inspired to create more situations that make this lifestyle possible.
  10. The idea of a white picket fence nearly causes you to faint. It’s fine for your peers, but not for you. You can’t do that life. Your ideal mate is a free spirit as well. If kids are in the picture, they are living the nomadic lifestyle with you. You all energetically spray paint big red NO signs on this white picket fence. Maybe next lifetime.

13925864_10207460986383449_4494511862760385250_oBIO : Alana Roach  is a International Yogi currently based out of Annapolis, MD. Formerly adorned by the city lights and the busy streets of America, she was then whisked away by the illustrious path of yoga and took to traveling the world to share it with others. A few years back she started to write about the transformation she undertook by  practicing conscious meditation. Her passions became her career and she now holds RYS Teacher Trainings & International Retreats, Health Coaches, and writes every opportunity she gets. In her spare time she loves cuddling with her daughter,  surfing, being in nature, and living amongst her ever growing and global loving and conscious community. She is on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, and can be reached by email

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