A Rooted Practice for Mahashivarati

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This week’s pose is, “Easy Pose,” aka “Sukhasana,” (In Sanskrit, India’s sacred language of yoga) accompanied with the first of the 7 main energy centers in our body called the, “Root Chakra,” or Muladhara.

The root chakra is at the base of our spine, and it is said to connect us to the earth. It governs our sense of security and practicality. When this center is out of balance, one can feel spacey, fearful, and insecure. A regular root chakra balancing practice is necessary to feel more in control of your mind and body.

As we enter the new moon and solar eclipse of February, we may feel a little un-grounded. These new energies can stir up old energies that are no longer serving us, and while they come up and out to leave, it is most necessary to find stillness through this mindful practice.

I love guiding my clients through gentle breathing and visualization exercises while in this pose. If you would like to try this at home, find a blanket, pillow, or yoga prop to sit on, and let’s get started.

1. Fold the blanket in half or thirds so that you have a half a foot length to sit on. If you have a pillow, make sure it is also about this height. Come to sit on the edge of your prop. First extending your legs out, and then gentle bending your knees to find a comfortable position with your shins crossed, guiding each foot behind opposite knee.

2. Gaze down to make sure that to make sure that your feet are relaxed and that there is a bit of a space between your pelvis and feet.

3. Allow your pelvis to stay neutral. Guiding the bottom tip of your tailbone towards the earth, while lengthening the crown of your head towards the sky.

4. Rest your hands gentle on your stomach. Close your eyes, and start to center your mind by focusing on your breath, , feeling your abdomen rise and fall.

5. Visualize your root chakra as a swirling 4 petaled lotus flower at the base of your spine. Every breath in you see your flower grow brighter and brighter, and with every exhale you see it spin faster and faster. As it spins, you may notice old energy leaving this energy center as dark and oily drainage. This is completely natural and to be expected during this meditation. Breathe slowly and rhythmically. Inhale through the nose slowly, and exhaling through the mouth while creating an, “O,” shape with the mouth as you exhale slowly. Syncing your breath with your visualization will enhance this sadhana or spiritual practice.

6. Stay with the visualization for about 10-20 breaths.

7. Feeling grateful for this time that you have taken to connect with yourself, smile softly, and blink your eyes, slowly coming back into the room to continue on with your day, a little more centered, calm, and happy.


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