5 Ways To Feel Into What Works For Health

I was recently approached by someone who was curious about the way our mind and body connect in relation to the food they give it. They, like me, had more than one expectation when, “Going mind/body green.” Expectations can lead to confusion, and I have explored my own questions with vigor and dedication for the past 6 years. Yoga has opened me up to a mind/body/Spirit connection that I had never dreamed possible. Shortly after my first yoga class I stopped eating chicken and beef… why? I simply lost the taste and it felt right. I have been FEELING into what is right ever since and benefiting leaps and bounds. A lot of it, for me, is trial and error. I want to share some of these trials with you. Please know that I am not a doctor, please seek a health professional before trying any of this on your own.

Please remember that these are merely examples of my own experience and I truly believe that everyone is a bit different. I am an advocate of learning how to LISTEN to your body with and open heart and attuning that heart so you can more easily access Self-Love & Acceptance.

5 Ways To Feel Into What Works For Health

1. Trying new things. I had to say it, but if I don’t try it, how do I know if it feels right or not. That could mean that yoga class or 5k marathon you have been putting on the back burner. Typically when I try something knew I reflect for a bit afterwards. I close my eyes and take about 5 or so long inhales and exhales, being mindful of my breath. After I empty my mind, I notice how I feel in that moment. If I feel even a little better than I did when I walked in, I mark it off in the, “Do it again category.”
2. Eating slowly and deliberately. I try to only eat when I am hungry and when I eat slowly I am able to savor the flavor of the food I am eating. I can feel the textures, taste the juices, and I give my body time to fill up! It takes about 20 minutes for our belly to chat with our brain and let it know that it’s full. I eat extra slow these days (Or maybe it feels that way because I am usually the last one to finish).
3. Journaling how you feel after you eat. This can be fun and also a little disheartening. When I started to recognize the patterns in how I felt after I ate certain foods, I realized I had to make major changes in my diet. This also means to recognize how you feel in the morning after you eat that late meal. Timing food can be a big factor in feeling your best. So once again, eat your meal or drink your juice and close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and say to yourself, “How do I feel in this moment.” With love and kindness, answer HONESTLY (Honesty is the only way this works)… If you feel tired, groggy, grumpy, foggy, upset stomache, bloated, and the like… you may have to reconsider what you are putting in your body.
4. Eating the Ahimsa Way. Ahimsa is a yogic term which means non-violence. This could mean non-violence for you but also non-violence for whatever it is you are consuming. I am not saying to go vegan because again, no two bodies are the same… but I am saying to notice where your energy level is after you eat that farm raised egg, chicken wing, etc. Do you all of a sudden feel angry, sad, etc? The cleaner I started eating, the more sensitive to this I became. Opting for organic whole foods is always a safe bet, but no two people are the same in what they need, breathe/pause, feel into what’s right.
5. Environment. Surrounding myself with positive, uplifting people and seeking out healthy environments (Excluding bars, etc.) helps me stay on track. This becomes easier the healthier one gets. I believe we are all mirrors for one another, and like attracts like. Water will seek water at the same level, so the healthier and whole you get, the more of the same will come to you. So work on yourself, practicing self-compassion, unrelenting forgiveness the whole way. Just be mindful of what or who you put your energy towards or into. Breathe/Pause/Ask!

With much love, light, and honor for your Inner Journey,

Alana Roach
CYT, E-RYT, Wellness Motivator, Travel Blogger/Writer/Artist

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