5 Steps to Financial Freedom

Money.  Just seeing the word can bring sensation into the body and some thoughts into the mind immediately for most people.  How we see money has impact on our lives.

Alana Roach on the PIer, Lance Laurence Photography (www.LanceLaurence.com)

Alana Roach on the PIer, Lance Laurence Photography (www.LanceLaurence.com)

I grew up being taken care of, so don’t get me wrong.  I always had a roof over my head, food in my stomach, education, loving parents, clothes, etc.  I am SO grateful for that.  With that out of the way, I’d like to continue and say, what I was told about money through media on radio and television and adults what that it meant success.  Those people that had it were rich maybe famous by our standards, political leaders, maybe upper middle-class at the least, but what was constantly repeated to me was that, “Money doesn’t create happiness, those people are empty.”  I heard this repeated AGAIN and AGAIN.  On the flip side, those who were living in apartments in an upper middle class town at the time , like myself, and those who had welfare,  those who were homeless,  those who lived in the ghettos, whatever it was that straight out said, and I repeat, “You are poor.”  I was told many things about this class of people growing up. “Poor people are God’s chosen ones, they are going to heaven.”  “Poor people are less then. Lack more. Suffer more. Aren’t good enough to get more and never measure up. Un-deserving and un-loved. Trash.” You get the point.  SO, you can IMAGINE that I had some really misconstrued views of money right up through my late twenties.

Woo!  So, with ALL of that said.  Guess what? I have found… that all of it… it.. drum roll…

A  matter of perspective and that depending on an individual’s perspective, this will directly affect the way they receive or block Abundant Living.

Abundant Living is truly a way of life which I have found incredibly satisfying.  It spawns from gratitude.  It requires some un-doing. It takes some Self-Work which means Action!  Action which I have taken and I can report to you has completely freed me from those chains of  old-thinking.  Money is neither good or bad.  It is ENERGY!  It just is! 

1.       Gratitude list

Gratitude lists on a daily basis which I recommend writing for the first year to really get it into your habitual  practice is the very first step on this journey.  I have been doing this for nearly 2 years and the results of this ritual are that I embarked on a Path/Career that I am TRULY in love with, my personal and professional relationships are wonderful, and I live Abundance in health,wealth, and happiness on a daily basis.  Does this mean I never have sad days, sick days, bills, arguments, etc?  No, but what it does mean is that I find gratitude in the sad days, I will have miracles in how my health is taken care of on those sick days in how I think and treat my body, I pay my bills on time and I have money left over AND in savings (Money left over and in savings was not the case before these two years of Gratitude Practice), my arguments are constructive and reflective, and I receive abundance from my Dream opportunities in Career and Service work (They go hand and hand with me), Travel, Relationships all the way to mechanical and computer repairs.

2.       Releasing Ancestorol Chords That Could Be Impinging on Your Ability to Receive Success


For me this meant going to see a Shaman, Breath-worker, doing Yoga, Meditation.   We all have energetic chords to our parents, grandparents, perhaps their grandparents, past life ancestors.  If we do not put in the work to release these chords, we can continue to live our their Karma, causing energetic blocks in our lives. 

3.        Positive Thinking and Speaking

I watch my thoughts and speech today.  I believe that what we think repeatedly and say repeatedly have energetic vibrations.  What are we really putting out into the Universe?  I am not saying that we cannot have negative thoughts, but once we do, are we massaging those thoughts or implementing gratitude and positive thinking once we become aware of it?  Are we constantly saying self-deprecating things that come from a space of insecurity and lack?  If we are, it is something to look at.  If I have negative thoughts, I make a gratitude list, even for the negative thought for bringing me to what I am grateful for!  I try not to say anything negative today, and if I do I replace it with 3 positive things.  I write and say positive affirmations.  Sometimes I do Positive Thinking and Abundant Living meditations.  All of this creates Abundant Living!


4.       Trusting God/Universal Spirit.
Yes.  Trust.  This is an all-encompassing detail.  My journey into trusting God started about 5 years ago.  It has been a journey.  It has taken time.  It is worth it.  I recommend the book, “The Shack.”  Through my process which is unique to me, I have discovered that I can rely upon my God for everything.  Every little and big thing.  When I trust more, I receive more abundance.  I have to continually let go of my control and my fears because when I do, the God of my understanding introduces me to the life that was truly intended for Me. 


Here is a story on this.  My car was on it’s second trip to the mechanic in 2 weeks.  The first trip I had all the money for and plenty left over.  The second was very unexpected, but the beauty of it for me was that I did not panic.  In the past I would have.  Everything unexpected would have thrown me into a financial panic.  I would have been ridden with worry and despair.  However, THIS time, since I have been practicing Abundant Living, I felt a calm presence guiding me and I Trusted that everything would be just fine. I didn’t even know if I had money to cover all of my expenses in this second trip, but I KNEW from the depth of my Soul that I would be OK.  So I go to pick up my car from the mechanic,  I ask him how much it was (I had an estimation of about 150-200 on the phone which I barely had in my checking and  with a smile on my face that was genuine… the mechanic looks at me and says, “You don’t owe me anything.”  Miracles in my life today that continue to show me that I live a life of abundance.  I open myself up to all avenues of abundance and TRUST it to flow to me and they do in ALL ways.  I drop the expectations of how the abundance with flow to me and then I open up to all of the ways that my Creator wants to take care of me. 

5.        Money is Energy, Give Freely, Receive Freely.

I said it before.  Money is neither good or bad, it is ENERGY!  Abundance is also energy.  When I view money and abundant living in this way, I drop the expectations of how the abundance with flow to me and then I open up to all of the ways that my Creator wants to take care of me.  When I do a service or get a service, I am receiving or giving energy back in exchange for the energy put out.  If I am putting out Abundant Energy, the Universe will send Abundant Energy back my way.  One of my favorite affirmations for this is, “I live in Abundance, free from want.  I open myself up to Abundance and I am taken care of in ALL ways.   I have all that I need and more in health, wealth, and happiness!”  Remember, I live a simple life.  I am grateful to that.  I feel abundant and I AM that.  I could be an Abundant Being whether I lived in the woods or in a mansion because I my soul is at peace when I live this way.  Sharing in the Abundance is what life is all about.  Whether that is abundant conversation, bounty of food, services, money, intelligence, wisdom, and LOVE! 






With love always,

Your Yogini,

Alana Roach

CYT, ERYT, Reiki, Wellness Support and Free-Lance Writer


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