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Celebrating our Dream: Peru 2017

You are being called to embark upon a life changing adventure; to journey to a new land and leave with new eyes. Peru 2017. Click here to learn more!  Are you ready for this rollercoaster ride? You’re going to want to buckle up and empty your pockets because this exploration of self is going to take you through the greatest

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Yoga & Chakra Visualization Practice for the Full Moon & Spring Equinox

This week’s pose is, “Cobbler’s Pose,” aka “Baddha Konasana,” (In Sanskrit, India’s sacred language of yoga) accompanied with the second of the 7 main energy centers in our body called the, “Sacral Chakra,” or ,”Swadhistana,”in Sanskrit which translates to, “Your own place.” The orange, six petaled lotus sacral chakra is located 3 inches below your navel at the lowest portion of

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