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A Place to Plant in Your Heart

With our Costa Rica retreat just two months away, we want to share with you why Nosara, Costa Rica is one of the most vibrant, healthy and beautiful places on Earth! Our retreat takes place at the Bodhi Tree Resort in Nosara on the Nicoya Peninsula. The entire region is a protected wildlife area and remains one of the most

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0 Steps to Soul Growth

Find yourself right here in this moment. What thought did you have right before you began reading this? What were you feeling? Why did you click on this blog to read it? Now have you actually asked yourself these questions or are you still reading. Ha. That’s what I thought. Because I would have done the same thing. I

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Are You Freelance:Digital Nomad Material?

What does it take to become a freelance entrepreneur and/or a digital nomad? What IS a digital nomad? Both offer the same thing. Freedom to work for either yourself or other businesses from any location in the world. As long as you have a competent digital office, you are able to become a freelance entrepreneur and/or a digital nomad. Within

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