10 Reasons to Visit Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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I discovered the beach of Santa Teresa, CR through word of mouth while on vacation in March from a backpacker in Monte Zuma. If we never had run into this person we would have been headed in another direction on our adventures and I am so glad that we ended up here instead. Little did I know, many others have discovered Santa Teresa and it has even been featured as a top 10 destination by Trip Advisor within the past 5 years. It is known to have attracted home owners like Mel Gibson and Gisele Bundchen. I decided to do my first Costa Rica retreat here in January. We actually MOVED HERE four months ago. I hope you get the chance to visit this sacred space.  So whether you are trying to decide on where to fly to next, planning a trip, backpacking through, need some down time, desire healing, or are simply Costa Rica curious, here are the…

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

  1. Beautiful Beach : Located on the Nicoya Peninsula, set on the Pacific coastline, the beautiful beach of Playa Santa Teresa is ranked one of the best in the world. 1606416_10103334852760182_3129375104136475082_o
  2. Surf: Santa Teresa has consistent beach breaks all year for all levels of surfers from sunrise to sunset. Trip Advisor has named Santa T one of the top surf spots in the world.
    Photo Credit: Lance Laurence / lancelaurencephoto.com Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

    Photo Credit: Lance Laurence / lancelaurencephoto.com
    Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

  3. Healing Vortex: What used to be a sleepy beach town that didn’t have any electricity or running water until the 90’s, is now what is trending for tourist from all parts of the globe. Most people came here to surf 10 years ago and then fell head over heels for Santa T, making it a wonderful mix of all cultures. People are drawn here for the beauty and the good vibes that the land and sea has to offer. I am one of many who have come to this sacred space with skin conditions, digestive issues, fertility issues… only to have them clear up within days sometimes. I have read that many years ago, the native Indian’s did sacred rituals on these lands and they are protected, offering a great deal of healing energy. The people that live here keep this land charged by living in such a way that is harmonious with nature. boca
  4. Yoga and Wellness: From Pranamar to Hotel Tropico Latino to Casa Zen, there are yoga studios and retreats centers all along the strip making Santa Teresa a yoga haven for all styles of yogi. Not only that, but there are a plethora of centers for acupuncture, massage, martial arts, surf lessons, meditation, nutritional guidance, and everything in between. medriftwood
  5. Healthy Eats: Most of the fruits and vegetables supplied at the markets are locally grown, making Santa Teresa’s produce rich with flavor and nutrients. When I moved here a few months ago my digestion rapidly improved and a skin condition I had went away (You can read 5 Ways Moving to Costa Rica Improved my Health).mesantaanaangelwing
  6. Simplicity: Since Santa Teresa didn’t really get, “Discovered,” until the 90’s (Seriously picture no refrigerators, lamps, cars, phones, etc) there are still remnants of it’s beautiful simplicity. There are still dirt roads here and no high rise buildings, making the coastline picture perfect, and very tranquil.lancelaurencecoastline
  7. Honey Moon and Destination Weddings. Santa Teresa is sought after by couples these days as it has the feel of a distant island and amazing accommodations spanning the whole area for all budgets. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen chose to spend their very special honey moon here just a few years ago at the Florblanca Luxury Resort.wedding dress
  8. Animal paradise. Since Santa Teresa is nestled into the rainforest, it is home to many beautiful creatures. Expect to see howler monkeys, parrots, happy beach dogs, wild horses, and much, much more.
    Alana Roach experiencing FREEDOM! Wild Horses on in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica with lancelaurence.com

    Alana Roach experiencing FREEDOM! Wild Horses on in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica with lancelaurence.com

  9. Great spot for kids. Thriving with new families, Santa Teresa has such a great community for the little ones. If you are trying to get pregnant, come pay this beach a visit, something is in the air.misszia
  10. Pura Vida. Pura vida is a local saying that means, “Pure life.” Pura vida is freedom and getting in touch with the essence of who we really are. Join me in paradise this January for I Am You and You Are Me: A Costa Rica Yoga Experience. Click here to find out details.
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