0 Steps to Soul Growth

Find yourself right here in this moment.


What thought did you have right before you began reading this? What were you feeling? Why did you click on this blog to read it? Now have you actually asked yourself these questions or are you still reading. Ha. That’s what I thought. Because I would have done the same thing. I didn’t do that to be cute or clever. I did it to point out that our minds are always moving so fast that we lose all direction of where we are going. It’s like the man who is driving a car and finds himself far away from his destination because he got sidetracked by a thought.
So, before we move on, I’ll ask again. How are you right now? Are you present? Are you ready for what you are about to read? I hope you are because I am going to address your soul.

Arto Marttinen Jokkmokk, Sweden

Arto Marttinen
Jokkmokk, Sweden

Dear Soul, I’m grateful and joyful to be in your presence! I’ll be honest. I feel like the person reading this is bound to pay more attention knowing that I am addressing the deepest aspect of their being. Now that I have the reader’s attention, I will go back to where we started: Being present. We are so quick to move on to the meal of the next moment that we have not digested the one we were eating! So let us slow down into the stillness, the fertile soil where the soul growth happens.


Good. Now we are ready to dive deep! So, why did I call this piece “0 Steps to soul growth”? It’s simple. Because whatever answer we seek comes to us when we listen to the stillness. We don’t need to take any steps! We just need to go inward and let the stillness moves us. We feel into the moment without thought and suddenly we find ourselves

averie woodard Denton, United States

averie woodard
Denton, United States

thinking the thought or feeling the feeling that grows our soul! So many “5 steps to this” or “10 ways to that” articles just lead us into more doing when what we really need to do is more being.


Take me for example. I am just sitting here letting the words flow. I do not need to think about what I am writing. I am simply playing my instrument and allowing the sounds that want to play to flow forth. This flow is the heart of soul growth! I can elaborate on it all I want, but there is no clearer understanding of soul growth then what is happening in my writing right now. It’s pure                       en-write-enment! I am connecting with the Source in a beautiful effortless way to embody what I am and what I love.


The foundation that guides me is understanding my soul connection to the Source. So what is the Source and how do we connect with it? The Source is Spirit. The Source is the Absolute. The Source is God. It’s the great universal force of energy that goes beyond all words and concepts.


To bring some clarity to the Source and are relation to it, we can distinguish a difference between Spirit and Soul.


Spirit is the part of you that is undifferentiated and totally one with the Source.


Soul is a differentiated part of Spirit that experiences through your physical body.


Mathias Reed

Mathias Reed

We are both Spirit and Soul simultaneously. In this great interconnection, we find that our souls are constantly playing and creating from the infinite diversity that springs forth from the oneness of Spirit.  It’s the oneness of Spirit that we all share that allows our souls to create from the one space of infinite potential.


We may think we are limited in our physical bodies but the Truth is that we are endowed with the unlimited potential of Spirit. We are enabled by creator to create! One purpose of this grand process is that Spirit learns and evolves through experiencing itself as us. Not only is Spirit aware of itself as us but it is also the environment in which our story plays out. Talk about a multi-dimensional experience! From our perspective, our souls journey

Biel Morro

Biel Morro

on the path of expansion; connection, purpose and expression into the vast possibility of being that we can explore. Our souls may wear the clothes of density or shed them for the nakedness of light. Whatever we decide, it is the exploration of self!


Every moment, the quality of our being is determining the path of our soul through Spirit. Most of us have reincarnated many times and we are here on this planet for many reasons. The growth that we desire in our heart of hearts happens when we simply be here now! Soul growth is spontaneous when we do what we love. We find ourselves surrounded by the people and places that nourish us our path! Just as our bodies grow when we provide them with fruits and greens, our souls flourish when we receive and radiate love and light! Circling back to the beginning, we remember that growth happens from within us.

Jeremy Bishop Haleiwa, United States

Jeremy Bishop
Haleiwa, United States

When we tune into the stillness, we are guided in the direction of our destiny. This is the destination of this piece of writing. You are already are where you are going; you just have to stop and ask for directions!


About the author:                       Brian is a teacher and healer. He brings the mind, body, heart and soul back into balance through overtone chabowlnting, crystal and tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks.

He has the unique ability to hear oto-acoustic emissions, the natural
frequencies emitted by the body.

His spiritual name “Anahata Nada” means “unstruck sound” and echoes his ability to hear the sounds of the cosmos. Anahata also means heart and speaks to Brian’s passion to help others hear the sound of their heart to guide them on their journey.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Follow on instagram @anahatanada333                                                                                                www.besoundnow.com                                                                                                                                                                                                             Contact:  bjrusso333@gmail.com

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