A Lifestyle, Yoga & Seva Retreat in Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia Feb 2, 2018- Feb 11, 2018 with Jessica, Ana & Marianne    Unleash your spirit of adventure in the ancient lands of Angkor Wat amidst the jungles...

 10:48 am
 February 2, 2018
 Auberge Mont-Royal d'Angkor

Explorations of Self

Exploration’s of Self is a mindful travel community.

Group Retreat Shot


“Explorations of Self 2015 with Alana Roach completely changed my life. I had never traveled internationally before and there was so much fear surrounding going on this trip. With some loving compassion, kindness and grace Alana helped me to make the choice to take the trip that would forever change my life. As soon as I signed up for the trip things started to shift for me and the universe completely supported what I was supposed to do. It was an amazing process to watch unfold and then to actually be there was mind blowing. While I was on this trip my higher self completely expanded and I stepped into the person that I am meant to be. I met some beautiful people, formed amazing connections and will forever be grateful for this experience. Thank you so much to Alana Roach. My hope for all is that everybody gets to take a trip like this that will enable them to go within themselves that will transform and change them for the better. ”

Lindsay Worek

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